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Post Stroke Speech Recovery Time

Speech therapy after a stroke is essential if your loved one has had any speech loss.



Sometimes people aren't sure what resources are available to families of loved ones that have had a stroke which results in speech loss. This article has a number of helpful links.

Post Stroke Speech Recovery Time
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Aphasia is an acquired language disorder that often follows a stroke. It affects a person’s ability to process, use, and/or understand language. Aphasia can affect all forms of language – speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Aphasia can cause frustration and stress for an individual living with it, as well as for his or her caregiver.

When I work with families to treat aphasia, they often want to know what resources are available to them that can help their loved one even after we are done with treatment. This article provides a good description of Aphasia. There is also a link to a site that is dedicated to helping families with Aphasia.

If your loved one has had a stroke or some other type of TBI and their speech has been impacted, contact us today. We will put together a comprehensive speech therapy program that will get them on track to speech recovery.

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