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Our clients' family members are raving about what we do!  Hover over the pictures below to see what they have said.

Image by Garrett Jackson
Annie is awesome!!!
She has been amazing with my son and his speech problems.  We struggled for years to help him with his articulation issues.  We went from therapist to therapist but none of them seemed to know what to do.  Annie put together a custom program that was perfect for our child and we can see an incredible difference in a very short period of time.
Old Man Sitting
I don't know what we would have done without Annie.  My father had a stroke last year and lost almost all of his ability to speak.  The doctors said this was 'normal', which gave me a sick feeling in my stomach.  I could not bear the thought that my dad would not be able to talk anymore.

Annie put together a post stroke speech therapy program that was tailored specifically for my dad.  It was just perfect.  My dad made progress, slowly at first, but now he can speak in complete sentences and we can all understand him.  His confidence is back and he is a new man!  Thank you so much Annie! 
Girl Eating Popsicle
Every one of my daughter's teachers kept telling me that my child's speech delays were due to the fact that English was a second language.  This just didn't seem right to me.

Annie set me (and the teachers!) straight.  Annie put a program together for my daughter that helped address her receptive language disorder problem.  My daughter is doing so much better in school now.  Thank you!

Annie, you are such a special person. You are so gifted at what you do. You have a genuine love for the kids and it clearly comes through, and they know it and feel it too! You have always treated my son with such dignity and respect, like any other 10-year-old little boy - and I know that means so much to him. You are so comfortable around these kiddos that others may not take the opportunity to ever get to know - you believe in their inherent potential to grow and learn - you are quite unique! Thank you for being amazing!

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